There’s a first time for everything!  Recently, we got a call about a family in need. Sadly, they lost most everything due to a electrical fire. Fortunately, the humans, three dogs, a cat, a parakeet, a tortoise and two dove got out safely. Well kind of the cat was treated with smoke inhalation, but we are happy to say is doing well. The family has had to split up and live in two places resulting in relocating some of the animals for the time being.
This is where LEADSRQ enters. Let us introduce you to Olaf he has been a member of the family for many years and is dearly loved. He and his buddy (the other) went to stay at a friend’s house after the fire. During his daily “flight time” Olaf had a mishap which resulted in an injury. He was seen at Bay Road Animal Hospital (Honore & 17th) by their avian specialist and a puncture wound was found. At this point,  he does not have use of the leg but thankfully is not in pain. He will be observed in home for the next few weeks and seen again for a follow-up visit.  We hope that Olaf recovers but know whatever the end result is…. he’ll be loved and cared for.