Welcome to Sarasota Moose! We know that you are enjoying our beautiful winter weather…..much warmer than Michigan this time of year!  Starting a new life can be a little “ruff” in a new place and it hit Moose and his dad pretty hard. Three weeks after arriving dad lost his job due to COVID “cutbacks” Being new to the area, Moose was in need of a veterinarian so he could continue on his heart meds, had an eye issue going on and was in need of something very basic…..food!  LEADSRQ purchased enough food for a month and made him an appointment with Dr. Carrie at Sarasota Animal Hospital.  Our friends gave him a checkup and he was supplied the necessary meds. This next week he’s going to Animal Rescue Coalition so he can continue his monthly flea/tick and heart worm prevention. Dad is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support he’s been given and checks in with us periodically. We wish Moose and his dad a very Happy 2022.