Lulu hit the jackpot last year when she was adopted by a wonderful family. She has a great Mom, Dad and fun human siblings. Everything was complete except for her lifelong health problem of urinary incontinence. Lulu’s family took her to see several different veterinarians and specialists, trying different types of medications and treatments, including holistic. Most of the treatments and medications helped ease her incontinence but nothing actually resolved the issue. When their resources started to run thin, Lulu’s family reached out to LEADSRQ and we were happy to help. Two dogs we have helped with incontinence in the past were diagnosed with ectopic ureters after having CT scans. Ectopic ureters are an anatomical defect in some dogs where the ureters do not connect properly to the bladder causing urine to drain elsewhere. So, we sent Lulu for a CT scan with Dr. Rose at Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota where she was indeed diagnosed with ectopic ureters!  This past Monday, LEADSRQ sponsored Lulu’s ectopic ureter surgery with Dr. Rose giving this family what they most wanted this holiday season: a healthy, happy dog!