Our friends at Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc. picked Gertie up on February 13th, from Manatee County Animal Services.  She was found in a ditch on the 10th, unable to walk and a temp of 103.  She was taken straight to Blue Pearl where they ran bloodwork and sedated her for xrays.  Her bloodwork was good all things considered. She was slightly anemic and a slight increase in white cells.

The bad news is she will need surgery. She had an old broken right femur that had fused together – crooked. Her new injury was a broken pelvis around her left hip – broken in 2 places. She also has a fracture in her pelvis. What a tough girl Gertie is!

The first thing they had to figure out is what the ugly growth on her chest is. X-rays did not reveal any metastatic disease. Well, the good new is the growths were benign!!

Sweet Gertie is on the right track and will continue on the path to healing ️ LEADSRQ was happy to donate to help improve this senior girls life!